MATT Gordon (LET, August 28) has every right to make his views known about the Up4it stage at the Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival in Colne. But the petition presented to the Colne Area Committee contained 157 signatures, not 200.

Of the 157, at least 40 lived in areas as far afield as Knotts Lane, Knotts Drive, Langroyd Road, Trawden and even Nelson.

Yes, it's true that people who lived within the area affected by the stage signed a petition to protest, but the number was nearer 100 than 200.

As for the noise levels, I was very aware of these, as I spent the weekend working as a volunteer at the Up4it stage. I was also aware of Mr Gordon's views and, on many occasions during the event, I walked over and stood by his garden gate to judge for myself how bad the problem was.

The music was certainly audible, but on all occasions, it was possible to hold a conversation without raising my voice. This bears no comparison at all with a 'stereo at full blast.'

I don't understand why Mr Gordon feels the need to exaggerate in this way. If his house really was 'shaking for three days,' I can only suggest he employs the services of a good structural engineer.

ERIC CUMMINS, Knotts Lane, Colne.