"ARE you Burnley in disguise?" sang a packed local, gleefully recalling that other famous goal feast on April 1, as the fifth flew in on Saturday evening in Munich.

What a day's entertainment! You almost expected a group of Germans to walk in so you could hiss Basil Fawlty style, "Don't mention the score, I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it!"

Being a definite Club over Country man I spent last week wondering what to write on this Rovers free weekend.

After Macra and Duffer's earlier starring roles in the Republic of Ireland's win over Holland I had said (only half jokingly) to a friend "England will have to score 5 or 6 before they even rate a mention." Jolly decent of the chaps to oblige.

Given Germany's previous record, one defeat in 61 home World Cup qualifying games, this was surely one of the best ever England performances. Owen was electrifying. If only Shearer was 23 years old again and alongside.

You also wonder what might have been for Rovers had Mr Eriksson not reneged on his gentleman's agreement with Jack Walker to come to Ewood, thereby ushering in "Woy" and after him the "Rubber Dinghy man."

I doubt we would have had two seasons in Division One. "Sven Goran Eriksson's blue and white army" would have made such a catchy song as well.

Still, that was then, this is now, and it does seem Uncle Jack pulled one final rabbit out of the hat with Souey's appointment.

Enough about In-ger-land. I derived almost as much enjoyment from the performances of Jason Mcateer and Damien Duff for the Republic against Holland.

Duffer was an absolute revelation playing at centre forward, popping up all over the pitch and running Stam and Co absolutely ragged. Then there was Macca. (Takes deep breath.) His performance would have been nothing short of magnificent in normal circumstances. Given his recent lack of match practice it bordered on the miraculous. The common perception is that Souey and Macca are no longer on speaking terms broadly dating back to events during and after the Burnley game at Ewood.

I thought Macca's heat of the moment reaction to being substituted was unnecessary and over the top. We don't know exactly what happened behind closed doors afterwards either.

However, as we all know football today is a squad game and injuries can change the face of things in an instant.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the original incident, would it be too much to hope that, with a little bit of give and take on both sides, Jason could again be an integral and valuable member of the squad both in midfield and defence?

I think people tend to forget that John Curtis played every single game last season and that if, horror of horrors, he ever missed a game we are bereft of cover at right back minus Macca.

After all, another black sheep by the name of Gillespie was recently welcomed back into the fold, and that decision now seems rather inspired doesn't it?

The current situation whereby no club wants to pay top whack wages for a player currently rotting on the sidelines is surely as detrimental to the club as it is to the player. I say this with Damien Johnson being my preferred choice on the right hand side.

Moving on, next stop Sunderland and the Stadium of Light. I look forward to the first glimpse of Tugay in serious action assuming he isn't still "feeling the top of his thigh." That would be totally unsuitable for a family audience.