BURNLEY councillor Andrew Holder has threatened to sue the police after allegedly being held against his will in Colne on Saturday.

He was with a group of Anti Nazi League members getting ready to travel to Burnley to help with the distribution of leaflets warning against the activities of the British National Party.

The police and Burnley council had obtained an order from the Home Secretary banning assembles within a five mile radius of Towneley Park.

Coun Holder said: "We were well outside that zone and had no intention of meeting in groups of over 19 when we got to Burnley. There was no assembly point in Burnley.

"I told the police that but they would not let us move. They penned us in like sheep."

Coun Holder said he wanted to leave for Burnley shortly before noon but it was 1.45pm before he was allowed to leave with just one other person in his car.

He said had already contacted a solicitor and intended to sue Lancashire Constabulary under the freedom of movement section of the Human Rights Act.

A police spokesman commented: "We are not aware that an official complaint has been made in respect of this matter.

"Should we receive one we will deal with it in the appropriate way."