A MAN who tried to snatch a pensioner's purse ended up in even more trouble after his house was searched and police found the proceeds of three burglaries.

Burnley Crown Court heard how "handler," Paul Plowright, 39, was responsible for a "catalogue," of dishonesty and a judge said he added to the misery of those people whose homes had been violated.

Recorder Graham Wood added the defendant was a prisoner in two ways - not only of HM's government, but of his addiction to drugs and he had an "appalling record."

Plowright, of Harold Street, Burnley, was sent to jail for a total of 15 months. He had earlier admitted three counts of handling stolen goods, theft and attempting to obtain property by deception. John Woodward, prosecuting, said after the defendant tried to grab the 72 year told woman's purse as she shopped in Chorley, she grabbed his jacket and starting shouting he had been in her bag.

Plowright said it wasn't him, but a passerby went to the victim's assistance and he was detained until police arrived.

When Plowright's home was later searched, officers found jewellery and other stolen items and the defendant claimed he had been put under a lot of pressure from people in the area to take possession of the goods.

The defendant also went into a shop and tried to get £80 worth of goods using a stolen cheque and bank card, but the assistant refused to serve him.

Rod Priestley, defending, said the offence against the pensioner was nasty and Plowright accepted that.

Plowright had a long-term heroin addiction but since being on remand in custody he had made attempts to free himself of it. He was now almost 40, had spent a significant proportion of his adult life behind bars and was effectively institutionalised.