SIX children charged with the manslaughter of pensioner Sheila Bridge will spend a tenth week in custody after their committal hearing was adjourned for a further week.

The youngsters, aged between ten and 15, appeared separately at Reedley Youth Court yesterday to discover the hearing had been adjourned until next Monday, which will allow the defence solicitors time to review the extensive paperwork involved in the case.

All five children, who are in local authority care, secure units and a remand centre, are charged with manslaughter, the burglary of Mrs Bridge's house in Lansbury Place, Nelson and public order offences on June 26.

They also face charges of conspiracy to commit burglary at houses in the vicinity of Mrs Bridge's bungalow between January 1 and June 29 this year.

The 15-year-old is also charged with the burglary of a house in Bennett Place on June 26; the ten, 11 and 14-year-old boys are charged with criminal damage on July 2 and the 13-year-old girl will appear at Preston Youth Court in two weeks for a pre-trial review in relation to an assault charge on April 14 in Nelson.