COUNCILLORS will be asked to go against the wishes of residents opposing plans for a new gospel mission hall in Barnoldswick during a meeting tonight.

Barnoldswick Gospel Mission currently occupies a single-storey wooden hut in Hollins Hall, next to Valley Gardens, but the applicant is hoping permission will be granted to demolish the existing hut and to build a new, bigger hall.

The proposal, which would give the mission 368 square metres of space compared to 133, has met with opposition from residents who feel it is not needed.

Barnoldswick Town Council received a petition of more than 100 signatures from residents and 12 letters of objection have been sent to Pendle Council.

Residents' believe the new church hall would increase existing parking problems, would not be in character with surrounding gardens, would devalue properties and generate extra noise.

They suggested that the mission should use alternative premises such as the old Salvation Army building.

Despite the opposition, planners say the larger church building complies with the council's policies and, subject to amended plans regarding materials to be used, advise approval.