A DEVELOPMENT which would lead to the construction of 30 bungalows on land at the former Peerart Works, in Knotts Lane, Colne, could be approved on Thursday.

The application relates to a cleared mill site bounded by Knotts Lane, and Henry, Hagg and Nicholas Streets.

J & P Nixon (Builders) Ltd has applied to build 24 one-bedroomed bungalows in two terraces parallel to Henry Street and Nicholas Street and six two-bedroomed bungalows, one at each end of the terrace block and two pair of semi-detached bungalows between the two terraced rows.

Access to the development for vehicles would be via Hagg Street into a cul-de-sac and 34 parking spaces would be available around the close on a communal basis. Pedestrian access would be via Knotts Lane.

One letter of objection has been submitted to the council which states that housing is unappropriate for this site.

It claims that new houses would be out of character with existing ones and lead to an increase in traffic using the blind bend at the junction of Green Road and Hagg Street which could lead to accidents.

It would create noise and pollution during building and the land should be used as an area of open space for residents and children.

The objector also said a petition against this proposal from Waterside residents was being prepared. However, nothing has yet been submitted.

A report by council planners to Thursday's Colne and District Committee said: "This proposal will make use of a cleared site, formally used for industrial purposes. Redevelopment will help to rejuvenate the area, lifting its appearance and enabling the local planning authority to clean up any contamination on the site which has been a result of its previous use.

"The site is located within a predominantly residential site and therefore residential development, rather than redevelopment for industrial or commercial use, would be the preferred use.

"The junction of Green Road with Hagg Street is far from ideal. It cannot be assumed that occupiers of the bungalows or visitors will use it. Others, which are better from a highway safety point, are Henry Street/Knotts Lane or Nicholas Street/Knotts Lane."

Planners recommended the plans for approval subject to 11 conditions, which include the construction of an access in accordance with the council's highways and transport manager, an approved scheme of landscaping and fencing, and a traffic calming scheme in Hagg Street.