ANYBODY who has followed Burnley for more than a few years can scarcely begin to credit it.

The most recent generation of Clarets supporters have grown up considering themselves lucky to get three away wins all season.

So to claim a trio off consecutive victories away from Turf Moor while many fans are yet to return from summer holidays is a startling and, it should be stressed, highly pleasing, state of affairs.

That two of these victories have been achieved against clubs recently relegated from the Premiership is highly encouraging.

As is the fact that the Clarets have managed clean sheets at both Sheffield Wednesday and Millwall. All of which made the fact that this writer had to miss Sunday's fabulous victory all the more galling.

A combination of a friend's stag night in Blackpool and moving house (although fortunately not, it should be noted, simultaneously) put paid to any plans I might have had to attend Valley Parade.

So while Tony Ellis was putting the final nail in Bradford's coffin, your correspondent was nursing a hangover the size of Blackpool Tower, while at the same time handfistedly hammering several nails into what was supposed to be a self assembly wardrobe, yet which, when finished, more readily resembled an unlit bonfire.

However, the disappointment of having to forgo the footie for disastrous DIY was more than made up for by the result. And, according to Radio 5's commentary at least, another exhilarating performance from Glen Little.

Traditionally, Glen doesn't usually reach peak performance until around October time. But this season, the wide man has hit the ground running.

From winning an opening day penalty at Hillsborough to scoring twice while shredding the Bradford back line on Sunday (not to mention earning rich praise from Manchester City and former England boss Kevin Keegan in between), Little looks on course for his best season yet. Which could be something of a doubled edged sword.

If Glen continues in such rich form, it will be no surprise if he attracts attention from the Premiership.

Sunderland are the club most commonly linked with him and it is exactly that kind of outfit which may come in for him.

For while there may be doubts over Glen's ability to play for say Manchester Utd or Arsenal, he would certainly provide effective service for any club outside the top six.

Indeed it is a surprise that no one has yet made a firm offer.

But then, I think all Burnley supporters will hope things stay that way.