POLICE are linking two incidents at sheltered accommodation in Old Street, Newchurch, on Saturday at 4.15pm.

A 77-year-old man was asleep on his settee when he woke to find a man in his room walking off with his wallet and cash.

The pensioner, who is partially sighted, followed the man out of his house. He was wearing a beige bomber jacket and dark trousers.

When he left the flat he was joined by another man who had tried to get into another woman's flat and they both ran off.

The accomplice has knocked at the door of an 86-year-old woman saying there had been a water burst and offering to help her fill pans. She refused to let him in.

He was described as very politely spoken, 5ft 10in, very clear eyes and a clear complexion and his mousy hair was almost shaved at either side and tufty on top.

Contact Rossendale CID on 01706 237442.