SUPER singing mum Helen Booth is taking a well earned rest this week after her second TV appearance in just over a week on the talent show This Is My Moment.

A delighted former Scary Spice Mel B welcomed pregnant Helen Booth back to the show and announced to the millions watching: "It makes me want to be pregnant again!"

Helen's version of Tina Arena's 'I'm In Chains' won her a fantastic £110,502.50 and the invitation to return a week later and join the other winners in explaining the difference the money had made and singing their songs again.

Helen told viewers: "The first thing that came into my head was I can pay my electric bill!"

She also took son Jack to a huge toy store to begin shopping for his fourth birthday at the end of the month. She had planned to send her mum Jean Redmond, of Branch Road, Stacksteads, to a health farm to help her quit smoking but they have agreed to invest the money in 500 nicotine patches!

Helen and husband Steve are currently renting a house in Acre Avenue, Stacksteads, but they are looking to buy a property and on the show Helen told how they had made an offer for a house which her grandma and mum used to play in.

She is expecting her second child in early November and hopes to be moved into the house by the end of September.

Jean said: "She has been told she has got to take it easy now and so I am looking after Jack.

"It has taken its toll on her which is why she is resting now."