THIS week the essential facts on Walshaw High School, Burnley.

SCHOOL REPORT: At Walshaw, our aim is to educate and prepare girls to be confident, caring and successful adults, well equipped for the 21st century. We offer a well ordered and disciplined atmosphere, which provides the precise environment for teaching and learning. Our last Ofsted report described us as "a successful and flourishing school."

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF AN ALL-GIRLS' SCHOOL? It is our belief that girls do better in a single sex school. Research shows that girls not only achieve better examination results, they acquire higher self-esteem and greater self-confidence.

PAST AND PRESENT PUPILS? At present, we have 804 girls on roll, aged from 11-16. They can feel assured the quality of teaching and guidance will allow them to plan, prepare for and reach their personal goals and ambitions. Approximately 90 per cent of our pupils leave school to continue in further education and specialised training. The school's value-added figures put us well above average, when compared with similar schools. Recently we have set up an e-mail network which keeps us in touch with a considerable group of past pupils, who have become successful business and professional women.

SOMETHING TO BRAG ABOUT? This year the school has become a member of an Excellence in Cities Cluster Group. The overall aims are to promote additional opportunities for able, gifted and talented pupils, to mentor and support those in need of extra help, and to enrich and enhance the cultural and linguistic experiences of all pupils. The school has an excellent reputation for its work in support of local and national charities and community services. Senior pupils assist daily in the delivery of meals on wheels and weekly attend clubs and groups for the elderly and infirm. They also work for Talking Newspapers for the Blind, and have strong links with Guide Dogs for the Blind, who are to be beneficiaries this year from the harvest charity fund-raising activities, alongside the Meningitis Trust.

WHAT ABOUT THE PARENTS? Walshaw's home school agreement reflects the "importance placed on the partnership of parents, pupils and school, forming a sound basis for successful education." Parents are openly invited to visit the school and judge for themselves. We have a strong PTFA, which arranges educational and social events.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH £100,000? We regret it would not be sufficient to fund a much-longed-for sports hall, but we would put it to good use in plans for additional classrooms, enabling the extension of the library and resources centre.