THREE blocks of empty flats in Blackburn are scheduled for demolition in three weeks time at a cost of more than £1million.

Queen's Park flats, which have stood empty for more than a year, were approved for demolition on January 13 by Blackburn with Darwen.

The council plans to replace the flats with a new-style 'model community.'

Work began on preparing the site in August.

The flats will be blown up, just like the two blocks of flats in Mill Hill, destroyed last year.

A tender for £1.6million was accepted for the demolition along with a cost of £58,000 in consultancy fees for explosive experts.

The money is coming in the form of two grants, one from the Regional Development Agency and a smaller one from Single Regeneration Budget.

Two blocks of flats were pulled down in Larkhill earlier this year. They were taken down piece by piece instead of being blown up because of their close proximity to other buildings.

The demolition of the Mill Hill flats drew a large crowd, and council officers are expecting around the same number this time.