SO Councillor Ashley Whalley blames the drivers for the confusion on Blackburn's new orbital route (LET, December 21).

There was only one sign just on the Darwen side of Freckleton Street directing traffic over the bridge unless, of course, more have been added since.

If drivers are watching the traffic slowing for the lights, or there is a wagon on the inside lane, they can easily miss both the sign and the turning. However, straight after the turning there is a large green sign with two arrows for the town centre and the inside lane obviously takes traffic under the bridge and on to Canterbury Street.

The men in day-glo yellow coats have managed to obliterate the unique spelling on the signs for the Cathedral, could they not use their spray paint to alter it to show only one lane for the town centre?

The map published in the Lancashire Evening Telegraph was of such small scale that it was nigh impossible to read. Why did the council not take out a whole page advertisement in the style of the updates they so proudly published?

The fault of the drivers?

KATHLEEN LIVESEY (Mrs), Pickering Fold, Blackamoor, Blackburn.