IAGREE with all of Trevor Fishwick's comments regarding the 'new ring road' (Letters, December 20).

I, however, have had 30 minutes added to my journey of three and a half miles into Blackburn. It has been a nightmare and I can see no end to it.

I have made a number of observations while being involved in the great crawl to work, and would like to share them with readers.

1. Are schoolchildren now protected by an invisible force field that protects them from traffic? We always had to learn the Green Cross Code.

2. Are the parents of these children protected by the same force field so that they can pull out into traffic after dropping the little darlings off at school without either looking or indicating?

3. Do taxi drivers and white van drivers have a different Highway Code from the rest of us?

4. Why does the relatively small community of Ewood on the A666 need five sets of traffic lights, two pelican crossings and a school crossing on a half mile stretch of road? This is one of the biggest bottlenecks in the borough.

5. Finally, has a new law been passed that you just drive anyway whether the lights are on red, amber or green? I always thought that red meant stop, but recently, motorists just go.

When the road into Blackburn is finally sorted out I will look forward to my three-and-a-half-mile journey only taking me 15 minutes again.

I will miss observing motorists and pedestrians, but I won't be holding my breath waiting for that day to come.

DEBORAH HEYES (Miss), Birch Hall Avenue, Darwen.