A FREE trolley dash couldn't have come at a better time for Rossendale couple Steven and Diane Keen -- just before Christmas.

The Keen family, of Hill Crest, Stacksteads, bought a second-hand Vauxhall Corsa from CD Brammall in Blackburn while a promotion was on, giving every purchaser a free trolley dash round Sainsbury's in Burnley.

Steven did the running after the couple visited the store to decide what they wanted and he scooped a trolley full of £286 worth of goods!

Diane said: "He got chocolates, cheese, pate, even some Ryvitas, melba toast and a lovely Christmas cake which had been soaked in Grand Marnier."

Steven and Diane have a 19-year-old daughter Donna and son Pete, 23, and Donna's boyfriend Chris, 19, also joined the family for Christmas.

Donna said: "It made our Christmas even better and we didn't have to worry about buying all the expensive stuff. We were able to have things we would not normally have been able to afford."

The couple were one of more than 20 people to get a free two-minute dash at the store. And they were given a free turkey from Sainsbury's and free breakfast.