PENDLESIDE Hospice, in Reedley, is coining it in -- thanks to the introduction of the euro.

Hospice care for Burnley and Pendle have benefited from the generosity of people who have donated small change from their holiday money.

The currency, including pesetas, francs, marks and drachma will no longer be accepted as legal tender after the end of March.

But in the meantime, the hospice can convert the foreign currency to boost their fund-raising efforts.

Customers at Travelcare, Curzon Street, Burnley, have contributed £155-worth of small change on their return from holiday.

Hospice fund-raising manager Kaye Bartle, appealed for people to check their drawers at home for any foreign currency they may have hidden away.

She said: "Everyone tends to have small amounts of foreign currency left over from holidays and business trips.

"We are hoping they will dig out their old money and help us to put it to good use.

"We are very grateful to Travelcare for supporting us in this way and hope we can cash in on the rush to exchange currency before the deadline."