A BURNLEY mum today appealed for help as she battled in a race against time to get treatment for her five-year-old son.

Anita Graham needed to raise £15,000 to send cerebral palsy sufferer Jamie to the world famous Peto Institute in Hungary.

She has already raised £8,000 towards the trip, scheduled for the end of March.

Single mum Anita, 33, who lives on the Brunshaw estate, said: "We are due to go on March 31 but it is all panic at the moment."

A number of events organised by family and supporters have been arranged to try to bridge the gap but more are needed for the full cost of the six-month treatment.

Anita said: "I feel cheeky appealing for money but I wonder if any company, group or organisation could arrange some sort of fund-raising activity to help out.

"It would mean so much for Jamie's development. I want to take him to Hungary because conductive education for cerebral palsy children was founded there.

The institute has an intensive programme which I feel will help Jamie to progress much more."

It would involve Anita, Jamie and his brother, Luke, three, staying in Hungary.

She added: "I just want Jamie to have the best chance in life and to have some independence."

Jamie was born 12 weeks prematurely and developed cerebral palsy. A year ago the family spent 18 weeks in Cardiff when Jamie attended a centre run by specialists trained by the Peto Institute.

Anita then had to raise £10,000 to cover the treatment and costs for the family to live in Wales.

She said: "We got the money in just three months -- it was amazing. Last July, only four days before I was due to set off for Cardiff, I was £3,000 short, but we had decided to go anyway.

"Then Burnley Football Club held a sponsor night which raised £800 and the club made up the money to the £3,000 which was needed.

"I can't thank people enough for what they have done for us. Jamie wouldn't be doing the things he is doing now if it wasn't for the help and support everyone has given us."

Jamie attends the mainstream Healey Wood school in Burnley and on three afternoons a week attends Rainbow House, a conductive education centre in Chorley.

Only four months ago Jamie first sat up on his own, cross-legged. He can also stand with a little help. Anita said: "Although he can't speak he is a bright little boy. He is just a happy personality and so determined in wanting to do things for himself.

"Although he cannot express his thoughts in words he understands everything you say to him."

Anita and her sons will go to Hungary but for how long depends on the money received.

The £8,000 has been raised through a variety of events, including a race night and auction organised by Rossendale Combing Companyat Horncliffe House, Rawtenstall, in November, which raised £4,500.

Events in the pipeline include an Irish night on February 22, again being organised by the Rossendale firm, and a race night at the Sparrow Hawk Hotel, Burnley, on March 22, organised by Burnley Lions.

Anyone else who can help is asked to contact Anita on 01282 721146.