THE whisky will be flowing at the Ram Inn in Burnley Road, Cliviger on Burns Night and there is a free tot on offer for everyone who really wants to get into the spirit.

Landlord Neil Murphy is inviting guests to bring their own favourite lines of poetry on Friday for an evening of verse to mark the birth of the Bard of Scotland in a style he would have approved of.

Neil said: "There's nothing like a drop of something warming and good company to dispel the winter chills and Burns Night seems an appropriate occasion for a friendly get together.

"If you're an admirer of Burns' verse then feel free to bring along a favourite poem but the night is not just restricted to his work. I hope people will bring along something that means something special to them and perhaps share their reasons.

"The theme will be distinctly traditional rather than contemporary."

Naturally haggis, neaps and tatties will be on offer accompanied by a traditional Scottish piper and a wide selection of classic malts to complete the night.

The evening kicks off around 8pm with the first reading and the inn will be open for business as usual with the full menu in addition to the extras.

Landlady Amy Murphy said: "Neil will be in full traditional Scottish dress, if anyone wishes to join him - but what he will be wearing under his kilt is only for me to know."