On a visit to Blackburn during the snow, I experienced the most frightening road conditions in more than 40 years of driving.

Your local council apparently has no regard for the safety of its citizens and council tax payers and seems also to have a totally irresponsible attitude towards meeting minimum safety standards which would allow access for emergency services.

On Saturday, December 29, the main A-road from Blackburn to the M6 was solid ice, as were all other roads in Blackburn that I encountered.

It took four hours to cover the short distance to the M6 and there was no police presence at the several points en route that were exceedingly dangerous -- it is totally outrageous.

Our time driving around the Preston-Blackburn area stands out as the worst we have ever driven in at times of adverse weather.

Attempts to make contact with the local police to inquire on the immediate road conditions were met with unanswered calls.

MEL GOLDIE, Buchanan Drive, Rutherglen, Glasgow.