REGARDING 'Welcome from council boss for grit vote' (Letters, February 6), Blackburn with Darwen Council leader Bill Taylor's attempts to remove the heat from Coun Ashley Whalley's failures only fans the flames more with his pathetic claim that the result of the Lancashire Evening Telegraph's poll -- that people do not want to pay more to make sure their roads are gritted -- vindicates the council's stance.

Does he not comprehend the real message? -- that people are fed up of paying more and more for ever-decreasing, mediocre services.

To date, no councillor has provided any costs for the few days gritting. Surely, the council cannot claim to have spent £330,000 on a few days gritting.

What would be the position if the town was frozen for a month or more, as in past winters?

Councillor Taylor, you get plenty of money from the taxpayer -- the problem lies in how you dispose of it. If this was the best you can do, as you claim and you have done all you can, then it is not good enough, for there is always room for improvement.

WALT MEADOWS, Whalley New Road, Blackburn.