MEMBERS of Nelson's council's executive board will be asked to support proposals for the restructuring of housing and community services in Pendle tonight in response to a recent Best Value Report.

In the report the service was rated as one star and inspectors stated that it was unlikely to improve.

A report to the executive by Ian Broughton, housing and community services manager, said the service needed to respond to the recommendations in the Best Value Inspection Report including specific recommendations related to housing strategy, services to customers, performance management and processes.

During the next 24 months, if approved by the executive, the service would undertake several changes, including the introduction of rent restructuring, the introduction of a new second tier of management, the improvement of operational efficiency levels, the creation of new posts within Community Services to strengthen community care and community transport and within Housing Services to deal with neighbourhood issues.

The cost of the proposals is estimated to be £142, 829 made up of a cost of £111,277 to the Housing Revenue Account, £346 to the General Fund and £31, 206 to the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund.