A TEENAGER ended up with "half " her ear missing after a woman allegedly sank her teeth into her in a Colne nightclub.

Vicky Simonite was covered in blood and "in a mess," after Carly Davidson, 20, was said to have grabbed her hair, jumped on her back and attacked her for nothing at the Tower Bar.

The defendant was then alleged to have run towards Miss Simonite with a bottle in her hand outside the club.

Miss Simonite, who was left with part of the cartilege of her right ear exposed, later had to see an ear, nose and throat specialist at Blackburn Royal Infirmary and had been left with a permanent defect.

Davidson, of Blucher Street, Colne, denies wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

Julian Taylor, prosecuting, said the alleged victim was dancing when suddenly and without warning, the defendant jumped on her back and bit her.

Davidson was pulled off by her boyfriend and bouncers and was thrown out of the club..

PC David France said Davidson voluntarily later visited Colne police station and was interviewed.

She told officers four girls had been on her, she had been attacked and had been on the floor. The defendant said they were pulled off her, she was covered in blood and thought she had been "bottled."

PC France said Davidson told police she had been "fresh," at the Tower Bar, but had been aware of what was going on. She claimed she did not know Miss Simonite and did not bite her.