WHO the heck does Lancashire social services supremo County Councillor Chris Cheetham think he is?

We know he's the person calling for the closure of 35 LCC old folk's homes, entailing the uprooting of scores of old folk.

But what makes him think he can tell colleagues at County Hall and councillors in town halls in Lancashire that they are not welcome to attend meetings between social services bosses and residents of the under-threat homes about these proposals?

Dammit, they are PUBLIC representatives with a duty to stick their noses in - above all on an issue like this which many believe has life-threatening implications for the old folk involved.

What's Coun Cheetham scared of? Opposition? Rows?

Such manipulative methods add fuel to the already-aired claims that the 'consultation' over these proposals is a sham - as does the revelation that it would cost only £3,000 to improve one East Lancashire home for the elderly earmarked for closure while upgrading these places to new government standards is supposed to be so hugely unaffordable that most must shut..

If, as it seems, Coun Cheetham wants it all nicely cut and dried, he needs to be disabused of this outlook and his arrogance - not just by responsible councillors who will not comply with his high-handedness, but by ordinary members of the public packing out these meetings to send him packing.