FOUR teenagers from Haslingden who are responsible for almost 100 offences and incidents in the town could soon be subject to police curfews and restrictions.

Rossendale police are pursuing the first anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs) on two 14-year-olds, one15-year-old and a 17-year-old from the valley.

The cases will be heard by Burnley magistrates on February 22 when Sgt Colin Hudson is hoping the ASBOs will be agreed by the youngsters or imposed by the court.

Police compiled a dossier of incidents over months including allegations of assault, criminal damage, burglary and disorderly conduct.

This includes information from residents and police intelligence.

Sgt Hudson said: "We have a lot of evidence to present to the court and we are hoping that the teenagers and their solicitor will agree to the ASBOs.

"We did ask them to sign voluntary acceptable behaviour contracts on December 5 but unfortunately three of them made no contact whatsoever and refused to co-operate.

"One did attend and although his solicitor and mother urged that he sign the contract he refused."

If the ASBOs are agreed or imposed, Sgt Hudson said the police would be pursuing a curfew on the four and restrictions to keep them out of Haslingden town centre and away from Haslingden High School.

They will also have to agree to a code of conduct and not harass, alarm or distress anyone in the whole of Rossendale.

So far there have been about 450 ASBOs imposed in the country but these will be the first on anyone in Rossendale -- Bacup police are still seeking a court date for the ASBOs they are pursuing.

In the past the only redress police had was through the criminal courts and often public order offences would result in people being bound over.

Sgt Hudson said: "ASBOs are completely different, are a lot more use and should prove effective."