IN 1990, a cable TV station called Cable 7 was launched to serve East Lancashire.

It was run almost entirely by volunteers, making programmes of local interest and featuring local people, places and events.

I worked for the station until 1992. After I left, the company was taken over and the channel moved to Manchester.

It seems that the tapes containing the programmes broadcast were lost or wiped, and although I have a small amount of material, I would like to archive anything else I can get hold of, on a non-profit basis as a sociological resource.

I believe that, due to the nature of the programmes, there will be many video-tapes gathering dust on families' shelves.

If readers have any Cable 7 programmes -- perhaps taped because a loved one was appearing -- I would love to hear from them, with a view to borrowing and copying the shows.

The programmes reflected our way of life and what was happening in East Lancashire during the early 1990s.

If you can help please write or email me at

GARRY SCOTT, 97 Brookway, Blackburn BB2 4RE.