Little Harwood were crowned champions in one of the closest league battles ever in the Byrom Supplies Blackburn and District Cricket league.

They finished one point ahead of rivals Gujrat to claim top spot three years since winning the treble in the league.

The championship race turned into a tense and at times strange affair in the final few games. Take nothing away from Little Harwood because in the end they deserved the championship by winning the most games. With a point separating first and second it all went down to bonus points.

Week after week remarkably both sides gained maximum bonus points. And it continued to a thrilling final day where once more both sides were in 'great' bowling form.

Inthe cup final things could not have got any worse for Gujrat in the Byrom Supplies Blackburn and District Amateur Cricket league.

After finishing a point behind Little Harwood in the championship race, the cup final turned into a nightmare. Against Brookhouse they were skittled out for 62. Brookhouse went on to win the game but also lost five wickets in the process which was held at the home of Darwen Cricket Club.

Only Rizwan offered any resistance and top scored with 17 for Gujrat. Brookhouse's AK Mal and Kaba were in inspired form. They both took 3 wickets. Kaba conceded only three runs from his five over spell.

It was a bowler's wicket but Brookhouse reached the target in 13 overs thanks to good partnership between AK Mal (18) and Sardar (12). A middle order collapse did give Gujrat some hope but Patel (12*) and Kaba (11*) stood firm.

Gujrat's Ansar Malik finished with 3 -15 as Brookhouse made-up for losing the championship to Little Harwood.