A PIONEERING recycling scheme in Rossendale was due to be launched today.

The scheme is aimed borough-wide and involves all kinds of houses and different residents.

Environmental services manager, David Rigby, said: "Unlike other authorities, we are not aiming to hit specific areas and have targeted people from all kinds of houses. We want everyone to get into the idea of recycling, not just to pick an area where it is possible people are more likely to recycle than others."

Rossendale's scheme is starting with the first 6,500 homes in Shawforth, the Pennine Road area of Bacup, and parts of Waterfoot, Rawtenstall and Helmshore, which will receive tagged blue wheelie bins to collect recyclable waste. Collections will begin in early October.

The second phase will start at the end of October, when 6,500 tagged brown wheelie bins will be delivered to collect green waste with the collection starting in November.

The third will involve blue boxes and bags for glass, cans and paper with collections beginning the month after.

Rossendale has 29,000 homes and with the first three phases some 19,500 properties will receive a kerbside collection. The remaining properties will continue to receive a kerbside paper collection.

The council's bid to the Lancashire Environment Fund was successful, resulting in grants of £350,000 for the next three years, with the total cost of the scheme coming to £875,000. In addition it has been awarded £103,000 from the Department of the Environment Food and Rural Affairs to recycle green waste.