I read with interest the article about drug addiction within our communties in the August issue of Asian Image.

I thought it was very thought provoking and looked at the problem as it it really is within our neighbourhoods. For far too long we have ignored it and in many respects still ignore it. I feel the police do not do as much as they can to target the drug dealers. Shouldn't they be stopping the people who bring this poison into our communities rather than just arresting the petty thieves?

I also feel we as a community could do more and bring to a halt this culture of drug addiction which is making destroying parts of our neighbourhoods.

For instance I still feel when some families realise their son or daughter is addicted to drugs they should seek as much help as possible from as many different organisations as they can. But I also think these opranisations responsible for dealing with drug addiction should make more efforts to reach the Asian communties.

Mr M Patel

Cherry St