PRESTON based Faisaltex Charitable Trust stepped in to help the Preston Guild Volunteer Bureau keep its Cannon Street doors open to the public.

The Bureau, which has already helped over 800 people to find worthwhile voluntary work in the local community is now struggling to stay afloat having been refused funding from a number of local and national organisations in a first round of grant applications to develop and expand its services.

Following the example of the Preston Guild Rotary Club, which made a generous financial donation last month, Faisaltex Charitable Trust donated a further sum of £1,000 after hearing of the Bureau's financial plight.

Mr Munaf Patel, on behalf of Faisaltex Charitable Trust said, "We are a Preston based organisation set up to help the local community and we are very proud to be able to support the work of local charities, schools, hospitals and centres for the disabled, amongst others. We are delighted to support the Volunteer Bureau which does great work helping people to find voluntary work and helping voluntary organisations recruit the people they rely on to provide their services."

Chairman of the Trustees of the Bureau Christine Hedley said, "On behalf of all the management committee, staff members, volunteers and voluntary organisations associated with the Preston Guild Volunteer Bureau, I would like to thank Faisaltex Charitable Trust and the Rotary Club for their donations."

The Preston Guild Volunteer Bureau, which costs £36,000 a year to run, was originally due to close in April this year.

However, with careful financial management, the development of a number of small revenue raising streams and with the support from the Rotary Club and Faisaltex, there are now sufficient monies available to keep the bureau doors open at least until the end of October 2002.

Anyone who would like to support the Bureau in any way is very welcome to contact our Cannon Street offices in person or by telephone on 01772 884499.