A CHARITY which raises money for projects overseas has officially opened in Nelson.

The Mayor of Pendle Coun Pauline McCormick cut the ribbon at Muslim Global Relief in Trafalgar House, Booth Street. She said: "The charity raises money for projects in Muslim countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan, which larger charities don't fund."

The charity is currently working on two projects in Pakistan to build a gynaecology clinic and a drug rehabilitation unit. The latter a Anti Narcotics hospital in Lahore will be the biggest hospital of it's kind in Pakistan is being built to provide full medical and rehabilitation facilities to the poor in order for them to overcome their addiction. The Project will commence in summer 2003 and will cater for 100 drug addicts at anyone time at a cost in the region of £3.2 Million.

The charity has spent approximately £700,000.00 on humanitarian projects since it's inception, through funds raised from all over the world using all forms of media.

That has included work in the followig areas:

1. Sindh drought 2000 - helped 157 families with basic commodities

2. Rawalpinid/Mansera Floods - distributed £25,000.00 of emergency relief aid.

3. Kashmir - MGR is the only charity to reach the remote areas of Forward Kahuta in Azad Kashmir (1 mile from the line of control); to set up a free dispensary, school and a training centre (for the ladies), Alhamdullilah this is still running to date.

4. Indian Earthquake - helped over 2000 families with emergency relief aid.

5. West Bank and Gaza - in Ramadan 2000 MGR was able to distribute £10,000.00 worth of food, clothing, financial aid and eid gifts to hundreds of widowed and orphaned families.

6. Afghanistan - MGR has spent nearly £250,000.00, providing relief aid to the Afghanistan refugees; providing ambulances on a 24hr basis, medicine, clean water and education for a period of 6 months.

Our other projects continue to run are:

1. Handpumps - safe/clean drinking water

2. Setting up education centres

3. Helping the orphans

4. Fresh meat through MGR qurbani project