HOME: In the west end of Morecambe -- my only memory is of playing with toys in a large stone sink. We moved to Lancaster when I was very small.

HOLIDAY: We used to have "runabout" tickets on the railway for a week and went all over the North West. Somehow we always had to change at Preston Station and my sister became addicted to the soup in the buffet there.

JOB: I worked as a lifesaver/pool attendant in the school holidays. It was at the old pool in Morecambe and, believe it or not, I got sunstroke one year and was really ill. I loved the job but my Dad pointed out that an open-air pool wasn't exactly a permanent job in North West England.

CAR: A convertible Triumph Herald -- great in Cornwall in the summer when I bought it. Less good when I moved to East Lancashire.

AMBITION: It was to do with swimming. I remember Anita Lonsborough winning gold at the 1960 Olympics and would have loved to be good enough. However, I don't think I was single-minded enough either. My other ambition was always for Burnley FC to win whatever division they were in and that hasn't changed.

HERO/HEROINE: Probably John F Kennedy, who seemed to speak for a new generation in the '60s. Despite all that has been revealed about him since, I can remember the high hopes he gave us as young teenagers and the horror of his death.

PET: A cat -- Patrick -- who we got on March 17.

RECORD: Living Doll by Cliff Richard. We did not own a record player but my Mum and Dad took the hint and I got one as a joint birthday/Christmas present.