IS Chapels Nursery School another sad loss for the community of Darwen?

As a parent and someone who lives in Darwen, I am concerned to say the last, about the proposal to change the use of what is probably one of the best purpose-built nursery schools in the Darwen area.

Chapels Nursery School was built nearly 50 years ago and has served the community very well, delivering a very high quality pre-school education.

All the teachers and nursery nurses are qualified with a wealth of experience and they all have a great understanding of what children, parents and family need, as in education, support for children and their families in all sorts of different ways.

Will the same quality of qualified staff be present in the new proposal neighbourhood nursery or will unqualified staff be employed?

Is the political aspect to offer every child a nursery place or quantity (education on the cheap)?

Is Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council or the "Beacon Authority" making these drastic changes to early years provision to gain finances from government funding streams?

If so, how can these people put a price on what is so valuable? Pre-school children are our future.

Are parents' alternatives going to be limited to "neighbourhood nurseries" or private nurseries?

D WRIGHT, Earnsdale Road, Darwen.