A SWAN which crashed landed into a wall during his first flying lesson was in trouble again this week, getting stuck in an icy canal.

Swanny, named by vets who patched him up after his flying accident, was rescued from the icy waters near Barden Lane, Burnley, by RSPCA officers.

Concerned residents phoned the animal charity after noticing that the bird was separated and stranded from its family.

RSPCA Inspector Dave Anforth said: "It wasn't actually stuck in the ice it was just having difficulty getting to its feet. They sometimes need a bit of encouragement to get them going again."

After his release from the ice officers took the bird back to his family, but animal welfare experts believe a family bust-up may be at the root of his problems.

Inspector Anforth went on: "He seems to be unwelcome in the family. His mother is trying to oust him from the family unit. It's nothing personal -- it's just the way that families of swans operate. They often encourage their young to leave the family and find their own."

Residents near the canal at Barden Lane are promising to keep an eye on Swanny. Many helped in the latest rescue operation and have taken an interest in his well-being.