A RELIGIOUS tuition centre at a house in Vaughan Street, Nelson, has been given temporary permission to continue operating, despite objections from concerned residents.

However, controls have been placed on the number of pupils attending.

The centre is in an end of terrace property, previously used as the vicarage for St George's Church.

A complaint regarding the activities on the premises was made to the planning department of Pendle Council and the enforcement officer visited the building on a number of occasions in July.

On one visit he found two downstairs rooms in use for studying the Koran and it was explained that once a month the children gathered to receive tuition and have a party afterwards.

An application has been submitted for use of one of the downstairs rooms for Islamic tuition between the hours of 4.30pm and 8pm, Monday to Friday, and between 10.30am and 2.30pm, Saturday and Sundays, involving 15 to 20 children, with more in the summer holidays and religious festivals.

Planning officers said they did not believe it to be an appropriate use in a residential area but suggested that temporary permission could be granted before re-assessing the situation.

Councillors have been recommended to temporarily approve the application, subject to conditions relating to the hours of tuition and that no more than 15 children should be taught at any one time.