A NIGHTCLUB boss has spoken out to defend his venue after police wrongly claimed they had raided the premises looking for drugs.

Ian Jackson, owner of Monroe's Club, on Wood Street, Great Harwood, was angry when details of a police swoop were released when, in fact, officers never entered the club.

Police have admitted the wrong details were entered on an information line accessible to the region's media.

The operation actually involved officers stopping and checking drivers and pedestrians on the two streets surrounding the all-night venue -- Balfour Street and Wood Street

More than 160 people were searched and nine arrested last Sunday, two of whom were cautioned for possession of drugs, two released on police bail pending forensic science tests, three released without charge.

Monroe's, which has no drinks licence, opens only on from 11.30 pm on Saturdays to 8am on Sundays.

"We try to keep as half decent a relationship with the police as we can," said Mr Jackson.

"None of this happened in the club. Monroe's wasn't raided. There were no controlled substances found in the club -- there couldn't have been because it didn't happen.

"We have always co-operated with the police and have been happy to co-operate, and we have no objections to them carrying out similar operations -- I have no gripe with that.

"But I just don't like misleading articles that don't tend to enhance the name of the club. We haven't had problems with the residents of Great Harwood. The worst we ever get is that the music, on occasions, has been a bit too loud, and we have turned it down.

Sergeant Paul Langley, of Great Harwood Police, said: "A mistake was made in the information given. The club wasn't raided but the targets were the people who frequent the club who were checked prior to entry."

Mr Jackson said: "They should be careful about the information they give out. They must be under some obligation to give the true facts.

"We don't want people not turning up or turning up thinking this was something it wasn't. It's business as usual. We will be open on Saturday, on Boxing Night and on New Year's Eve."