CALORIE-laden Christmas pudding is definitely off the menu at the Strachan household for super-slimming siblings Helen and William.

Over the past year the pair have literally become shadows of their former selves by shedding a combined 17 stone -- the equivalent of heavyweight boxing champion Lennox Lewis!

Now both have reached their ideal weight and are determined to keep up the good work over the festive period.

Thanks to the help of the Feel Good Club at Larkhill Centre, Helen, 31, has gone down from 17st 8lbs to a svelte 10st 8lbs in around 16 months.

Meanwhile, William, 18, has lost an incredible 10st to tip the scales at a healthy 14st 13lbs since he started his diet in February.

The pair, of Manxman Road, Blackburn, say walking into town instead of catching the bus and a strict low fat diet with plenty of mineral water has been the key to success. That and laying off the demon foods -- chips, cakes, biscuits and chocolates.

Instead, there's been no sweet stuff, except for an odd low-fat yoghurt and the chips have been replaced by boiled potatoes.

She said: "Now I can't even look at a cake! I've gone without them so long I've lost all those cravings.

"I feel tons better -- like a new woman. I can walk for miles now and never get out of breath. Before I couldn't even be bothered to walk to the shop.

"I'm determined to keep it up over Christmas but I've actually lost seven pounds more than I needed to so I can be a bit naughty if I want. I know I can always lose it again now."

William said he felt totally transformed and is even aiming to lose another seven pounds before he'll be completely happy.

Health worker Kath Thomson, from the Larkhill Health Centre, said: "We've seen such a massive difference over the last year -- it's incredible. They've both done absolutely brilliantly.

"I'm absolutely delighted for Helen, she's made progress every single week she's been. She's found it quite easy and I think most of us were a bit jealous of her!

"William has been so good too. He's just been eating sensibly -- even on his 18th birthday he kept to it."

The group meets every week and talks about healthy living, mental well-being and exercise and generally feeling good.

For more details contact the health centre on 01254 263611.