COUNCILLOR Peter Doyle is apparently referring to himself when he states (LET, February 22) that "at least one person should have the courage of speaking" -- for a 60 per cent increase in Burnley councillors' allowances.

I agree. He needs courage to put his name to the patronising, ageist, intelligentist and productivist rubbish that he uttered. Why should he want to attract younger people to become councillors? Many a good tune...

Why well-educated? I know people who are not well educated but are far more intelligent than some people "what talk proper."

Why working? A lot of people have the misfortune to be unemployed. Not for them the comfort of a salary and a lucrative allowance income.

Given the state of the town's finances, a 60 per cent rise in allowances would not only have been immoral, but also political suicide.

If you want to campaign for much-needed, well-deserved pay rises, do it for pensioners, Coun Doyle.

PAT JONES (Mrs), Bridgefield Street, Hapton.