A CAT rescuer is making a plea for help from the public to help pay a £500 vet bill after a young feline had her leg amputated in a life-saving operation.

The twelve-month-old cat was rescued from the moors by an anonymous walker and delivered to Moggies Cat Rescue two weeks ago.

Maureen Savage, of Moggies, in Stansfield Street, Darwen, said: "The lady had been taking a walk on the moors when she found the cat badly injured. She brought it here and it was in a terrible state, in a lot of pain and covered in blood.

"We think it had been caught in something and the cat just kept pulling to get free and that's why her leg was in such a bad way."

The black and white moggy spent ten days recovering in a local vet's.

Maureen said: "The bill has come to £300 so far but it's likely to come to £500 because she will be making further trips this week to have the stitches removed and for checks."

With seven other cats in the shelter, Maureen can barely afford to pay and is today making a plea to Darwen people to assist the sanctuary in its plight to save other needy felines.

She said: "I keep cats that have been abandoned on the streets or delivered here because their owners can't keep them any more. It's quite expensive to feed seven cats so I would appreciate anything to help out with the bill for the young cat."

Maureen will be looking for a new home for the three-legged cat in the weeks to come. She said: "She's a lovely cat and seems completely unshaken by everything that's happened. She'll still be able to run with three legs but needs to get used to hobbling around for a little while."

Anyone wishing to help Moggies Cat Rescue should contact 01254 708171 or write to 11 Stansfield Street, Darwen.