A mother-of-three from Darwen who is creating a name for herself as an interior designer.

HOME: I was born and grew up in Leicester, so my first home was in the East Midlands. I moved up to Lancashire with my husband 32 years ago and have stayed here ever since.

MEMORY: My dad was a real hard-worker and had several jobs. At the weekend he would sell ice cream from a hand cart. I always remember he would come home at lunchtime and park his barrow outside the house. Us kids would then dive in and help ourselves to his ice creams.

CAR: It was a Morris 1100 which my husband bought for me.

RECORD: No Milk Today by Herman's Hermits. I thought Peter Noone was wonderful.

JOB: That was when I lived in Leicester I got a job at a local textile company as a telephonist and receptionist. I can't remember how much I got paid but I do know it was a pittance.

HOLIDAY: We always went to Skegness as a family when I was young. it was a good old-fashioned seaside holiday.

ART WORK: I'd seen an article in a magazine about painting furniture. I found this little cupboard and had a go at it and the next thing I knew it was done and fixed up on the wall. Since then I've painted everything in the house. I've never been to art school or had formal training -- I just consider it to be a gift.