A CAMPAIGNER who flew out to become a 'human shield' in Iraq is back in Britain -- vowing to continue his fight for peace.

Dieter Seager, 28, whose nephew is with the British army in Kuwait, said he would stay in London to demonstrate against the impending war.

But the volunteer, of Washington Street, Accrington, said he may go out again to the Middle East to work on refugee camps.

He said he left the region because he was running out of money, he could not get a visa to enter Baghdad and was stuck in Jordan, which has strict laws against demonstrating.

His mother Jean said she was overjoyed to have him return and said all she needed to complete her family was her squaddie grandson home as well.

She said: "I spoke to Dieter on Thursday night, he's well. I've got my son back and all I need now is for my grandson to return to make the family complete."

She spoke to her grandson Lance Bombardier Steven Dixon, 22, after he telephoned from his base in the MIddle East.

Dieter, 28, a former Clayton-le-Moors care worker, flew out to Iraq's neighbouring country Jordan last month, his nephew Steven flew out three days later from his base in Germany. Despite returning, having not entered Iraq he remains upbeat.

"I just thought I could do more stuff here in the comfort of my own country.

"You couldn't get a visa to go into Baghdad anymore because of the war and in Jordan you are not allowed to demonstrate because of the strict laws, so I thought I could do more here.

"To get some positive change here I am still involved with the protests.

"I came back with five others, but there are still a lot of people out there and I've remained in contact with them."

He said he did not know his exact plans but he did not rule out returning to the region in some capacity.

"I'm trying to sort out the money at the moment, but there's some voluntary work going on with the VSO and there's some on refugee camps. But I'll just go where I can do the most good."

Jean, 57, who lives with Steven in Clarence Road, Accrington, said: "I spoke to the manager of the hotel in Amman where Dieter was staying and said such wonderful things about him that I nearly started crying, there were tears in my eyes.

"I also spoke to Steven and he said he was happy and well, well fed and on exercise, but as far as that I know as much as anybody else."