BURNLEY taxi drivers have issued a strike threat after claiming they are coming under repeated attack from stone-throwing gangs.

The move comes after driver Sameer Ul Rahman was assaulted after stopping to remonstrate with youths who had thrown eggs at the vehicle.

Burnley Private Hire Association said for the past two years drivers had been targeted by young hooligans in the Accrington Road area of town.

The latest incident involved an AK Taxis car last night and chairman of the association Jason Fallaize said his drivers were now at the end of their tether.

He added: "We are calling a meeting of all our drivers and we are going to pull them all off the road.

"It has been going on for at least two years and we have had lots of meetings with the police, but nothing has stopped these kids attacking our cars and drivers.

"They have had an unmarked car patrolling the area, but it is always after 11 at night and these kids are usually in bed."

Sameer, who works for City Cabs in Accrington Road, was left needing hospital treatment after the incident on Thursday evening.

Now Jason and other cab drivers across Burnley are planning a strike which would see all mini-cabs and private hire vehicles stopped. The move is designed to make the authorities sit up and take notice of their plight.

Jason continued: "We want this sorting out. It's not acceptable to have drivers subjected to this kind of treatment. We are here to serve the public and we deserve a level of protection from the police.

"The things the police have tried in the past to catch these kids have not worked it's time something else was done to bring them under control."

Burnley police have introduced new measures in an attempt to bring the attacks to an end.

Inspector Martin Hall said: "At around 6.50pm on Thursday we were called to an incident involving a vehicle in Accrington Road Burnley.

"Eggs had been thrown at the vehicle and after remonstrating with the three youths who had thrown the eggs, the driver was confronted by a number of older males and assaulted by two of them.

"A passer-by then intervened and the offenders made off towards Harold Street.

"We will be stepping up both high visibility and covert police patrols in the area to try to catch the youths who are causing the problems.

"Our local community beat manager will also be reminding local youths about the danger and damage that can be caused by throwing eggs at passing cars as well as the consequences for offenders when they are caught.

"This sort of behaviour is highly irresponsible and where we have enough evidence, we will take positive action against the offenders."

Anyone with any information about the assault should contact the police on 01282 425001.