A 52-YEAR-OLD woman who has made her neighbours' lives a misery has been told: Sort yourself out or you will go to prison.

The warning came as Maralynne Birchenough became one of the oldest people in the country to be served with an Anti Social Behaviour Order.

The woman, who is currently staying at the Hendley Hotel, Colne, appeared at Burnley Magistrates' Court yesterday after Burnley Council took action against her.

It related to a catalogue of incidents which disturbed neighbours in Partridge Hill Street, Padiham, particularly between August 14 and December 20, 2002.

She was served with a two-year anti-social behaviour order to prevent her drinking and behaviour getting out of hand and was warned that if she broke that order she could face up to five years in prison.

The order forbids her from:

Using insulting or abusive words or behaviour in Burnley.

Shouting and screaming in any manner that may cause harrassment or distress.

Being drunk in the open air.

Being drunk in any public building.

David Talbot, prosecuting, told the court that Birchenough had persistently used insulting and abusive words against members of the public, consistently screamed and shouted in public and had been consistently drunk in public.

He said: "The evidence shows that she has behaved in an anti-social behaviour in terms of the Crime and Disorder Act for matters not only relating to the period stated but also in her continued behaviour since then.

"This order is necessary to protect those who are the victims of her behaviour. The neighbours indicated that their sleep has been disturbed and they were not able to have their grandchildren visiting their house because of her behaviour."

Birchenough admitted to using insulting and abusive language, shouting and screaming in public and being drunk in the street.

Nick Dearing, defending, said: "She has had a change of address so she is trying to rectify her situation. She is one of the unfortunate people who has a violent and abusive husband which partly led to her drinking and frequently being arrested for being drunk in public and her shouting was often at her husband."

Mr Dearing pointed out bruising and scratches on her face which she claimed her husband was responsible for.

Birchenough told the court that she was due to have a meeting with Pendle Council with a view to her getting her own house in the borough.

District Judge Paul Firth said: "I am satisfied that in order to provide some measure of protection from your anti-social acts for those living in Burnley it is necessary to make an anti-social behaviour order.

"That does not stop you having a drink but stops you being drunk.

"If you were drunk or disorderly instead of being liable for a fine, as you have been up to now, you will be liable for something much greater."

Neighbour Christine Pollard said she and her husband, Jack, had been regularly disturbed by Birchenough's behaviour and swearing in the street at all hours of the day and night.

The couple attended court and were delighted at the outcome.

Mrs Pollard said: "It's brilliant. We now hope it will work. I think if she thinks about it and what is at stake she has to keep to it."