Rovers do the double over Arsenal, read the action minute by minute...

16:53: Full time Rovers 2 Arsenal 0

An excellent show by Rovers if they played like this all season who knows where they would be.

16:51: Paul Gallagher gets his first real shot of top flight football and unfortunately its scuffed wide.

3 minutes of time added on will be played

16:49: Sukur gets booked with two minutes to go for over hitting the ball back to Taylor after the offside was flagged - surely not a brilliant decision ny Mr Bennett.

16:45: 5 mins to go Rovers 2 Arsenal 0

16:45: Short and Bergkamp get into a tussle which results in both getting another talking to by Mr Bennett

16:42: Another great piece of defending by Rovers denies Arsenal a perfect chance to score - Henry turned two men and slipped the ball through to Ljungberg, but Short was there to save the day

16:39: Paul Gallagher comes on Rovers replacing Dwight Yorke

16:37: Less than 15 minutes to go and Rovers are still two up on the current Premiership leaders

16:36: Bronkchurst finally gets booked for another challenge on Gillespie.

16:35: Henry trys a bit of skill in the 18 yard but the Rovers are up to the task and force the ball out of play - goal kick to Rovers

16:32: Jeffers also comes on for Arsenal replacing Edu

16:30: Rovers make a change Johansson is coming on for Duff

Arsenal also make a change Wiltord comes on for Pires

16:27: Edu fouls Tugay this time - the freekick is floated in and nearly finds the head of Gillespie - but Arsenal come away with it

16:25: 25 mins to go Rovers 2 Arsenal 0

16:23: Rovers are currently all over Arsenal and they deserve to be - despite the at times suspect refereeing by Mr Bennett

16:20: Gresko once again shows his quality as he makes a fine clearence to stop Lungberg in his tracks.

16:17: Arsenal are rattled as again Gillespie gets a cross in - this time Yorke connects but its just over the bar

16:16: Parlour gets booked for a heavy challenge on Gillespie

16:15: Goal to Rovers this time Tugay hammers the ball home.

Gillespie and Tugay broke down the right Gillespie wanted it but Tugay took his shot - which found its way into the back of the net past a helpless Taylor.

16:12: Arsenal put some good passes together and stretch the Rovers defence - however their final ball is poor and Rovers come away with it

16:09: It's a good start by Rovers as they pin Arsenal back in their half.

Flitcroft gets booked for a challenge on Edu - it was no worse than the one Henry got away with in the first half.

16:06: Arsenal get the second half underway.

No changes by either side at the break

15:49: Half time Rovers 1 Arsenal 0

A good half for Rovers with an excellent strike from Duff.

15:48: 2 mins of extra time to be played this half

15:46: Henry gets away with a clear yellow card challenge on Sukur - the Rovers fans aren't best pleased.

15:44: Corner to Arsenal - taken by Bronckhurst, it bounces round in the box but Friedel saves

15:40: 40 mins gone and Rovers are still a goal to good thanks to Damien Duff

15:39: Gillespie again breaks down the right after an Arsenal error but he slips and cant get the cross in.

Arsenal counter with Henry, Pires is free down the right but Gresko makes another fine challenge to stop the Frenchman

15:37: Duff nearly gets his second as the ball comes to him on the edge of the box from a Rovers corner.

It was an excellent shot but Taylor made an excellent save

15:36: This time Bergkamp commits the foul for leaning in on Gresko - he pleads his case but the ref isn't listening.

15:34: Tugay gets booked for what appears to be an off the ball challenge on Bergkamp.

15:32: 30 mins gone Rovers 1 Arsenal 0

15:31: Arsenal seem rattled as their normal precise passing game has gone to pot.

Meanwhile the on going tussle between Flitcroft and Edu sees Flitcroft dragged to the ground.

15:26: Despite his yellow card minutes ago Duff slots the ball home to Rovers the lead.

It came from a Gillespie cross which bounced around the box off several players before falling to Duff for a second time - luckly as he scuffed his first shot

15:23: Goal to Rovers - Duff the scorer

15:22: Gresko makes a good clearence to stop Bergkamp getting a goal scoring position

15:21: Arsenal are forced to make their first change, with Gilberto coming on for an injured Keown

15:20: Duff gets booked for throwing the ball away after a decision goes against him.

The ref then advance the freekick on 10 yards - which is struck hard along the ground, Friedel makes an excellent save as he is unsighted.

15:16: Arsenal have a freekick 25 yards after Flitcroft fouls Parlour - it's curled in by Henry but Friedel up to the challenge.

However it goes out for a corner - which comes to nothing.

15:15: 15 mins gone and it remains goaless, neither side looking like they're going to threaten a goal

15:14: Arsenal win a corner, its swung in but Friedel manages to punches it away.

15:13: Rovers come under some pressure from Arsenal but manage to hold their ground eventually pushing them back into their own half.

15:10: A neat one two between Yorke and Sukur sees Yorke just denied a goal shooting chance - the first ball came again from Gillespie down the right

15:09: Gillespie down the wright beats his marker and whips the cross in - Sukur just gets a head to it but there's no direction to it. A good chance goes begging

15:07: Parlour fouls Duff on the left but the free kick is wasted and Arsenal nearly break with the ball.

15:06: A tentative start by both teams sees the ball barely leaving the midfield. But Arsenal break with Henry - the danger is finally cleared.

15:03: Its a long ball from Rovers which has the Arsenal defence guessing but its finally cleared.

15:02: Todays referee, Steve Bennett, gets the games underway with underway with Rovers kicking off.

14:56: Saturday 15th March, Rovers v Arsenal KO 3.00pm

Todays teams

Rovers: Friedel, Tugay, Short, Flitcroft, duff, Gillespie, Yorke, Taylor, berg, Gresko, Sukur. Subs - Grabbi, Johansson, Douglas, Gallagher, Kelly.

Arsenal: Taylor, Keown, Pires, Ljungberg, Bergkamp, Lauren, Henry, Parlour, Bronckhorst, Edu, Cygan. Subs - Jeffers, Wiltord, Gilberto, Toure, Warmuz.