I AM disgusted with Burnley Council for refusing to fly the Union Jack over Burnley and Padiham town halls, in support of our soldiers in Iraq (LET, April 10).

In America, their national flag is flown throughout the year on all buildings, private houses, etc., without the need of war as an excuse.

I have a full size Union Jack in my front bedroom window. This has been there since before the war, because I am proud to be British/English and for no other reason.

I can only assume that the actual reason that Burnley Council refused to fly the flag is nothing to do with the guidelines of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, but more with the unfortunate fact that some people now relate the national flag with the National Front or British National Party.

And as one of those parties has council seats in Burnley, I feel the council see flying the Union Jack may offend the ethnic minority, instead of pleasing the British majority.

Many people in Burnley are aware of this and moves like this only cause further racism and support for parties like the BNP.

ROY WALLBANK, Killington Street, Burnley.