WITH her tiny frame, it is hard to believe that 11-year-old Alex Gaskell has such an amazing voice.

But the miniature star's voice has stunned judges around the country because it is so loud!

Weighing just four stone, Alex blew away the competition at a Junior Showtime 2003 competition at the Monaco Ballroom, Hindley, by singing Eva Cassidy's 'Over the Rainbow' and Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You'.

She was watched by her parents, Lesley and Pete, and brothers, William, aged 14, and James, aged six, all of Appledore Drive, Harwood.

Lesley said: "We're very proud as she's done very well, especially as she only started singing 12 months ago.

"We knew she had won when the compere said the winner was a young lady so small in stature yet who has a massive voice.

"We were so surprised because she was up against 16- and 17-year-old girls and boys.

"We couldn't believe it because they were all so good."

Alex, a pupil at Canon Slade High School, began singing lessons with tutor Tracie Ross after a performance at Christchurch Guides where it was recommended she should take up singing.

Since then, she has twice entertained at The Mayor's Charity Show at The Albert Halls and won her family a holiday in The Lakes for winning a competition at the Cala Gran holiday park in Blackpool.

You can catch Alex on May 31, in Victoria Square, when she performs at the Tower FM.