ANDY Payton may be quitting League football but his contribution to Burnley Football Club will never be forgotten.

I certainly think he is the best finisher there has been at the club in my time at Turf Moor. All you have to do is look at his record to know that.

He joined us at a time when we were really struggling, in a swap deal with Paul Barnes going to Huddersfield, and you have to say that he has been absolutely brilliant.

We all know he has not played much in the last couple of years and he has had a few injury problems, but he played a massive part in us winning promotion.

Having gone up, the manager looked for a few other centre forwards and Payts found it harder to get in the team, but as a winger I know how good it was to have him playing.

You could get the ball and as long as you found him near the goal there was no doubt there was a good chance he would get an effort in on target.

I have set up quite a few goals for Andy in my time and he certainly makes the midfielder players look good in the assists column.

Being a local, lad there is no doubt that Andy has always been a firm favourite with the fans and I am sure they will be ready to give him a great send off at the last home game against Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday afternoon.

I wish him all the best and I know that goes for all the players at the club. Payts is a popular lad and if he does get the chance to continue his career in somewhere like the Conference, I am sure he will make an impact.

He was born to score goals, he has done that all his career and there is certainly no reason why he will stop now.