SPEEDING drivers should watch out over the coming months.

The Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety has revealed its plans for the next 12 months, aimed at cracking down on speeding.

Currently, only one in six cameras are used to catch drivers, but over the next six months that number will increase to one in four.

And the partnership are now applying for 100 new speed cameras to be put up across the county.

Ian Bell, project manager for the partnership which is part of the county council, said: "The slower people travel the more likelihood they have of avoiding an collision and, if they do have one, their injuries will be so much less serious. It has taken 12 or 18 months to get that message across."

Among the organisation's plans for the next year are to use more electronic signs, informing motorists of their speed, and to roll out mobile speed traps to areas of concern.

Motorists will never know which cameras are 'live' as they can be switched from one location to another.

The list of cameras is being finalised, and if it is approved by the department of Transport, the cameras will be rolled out across the county in the coming weeks.

Preston will get nine, and the South Ribble and Chorley area will get five.

Mr Bell said: "If we find there is an area where speed is on the high side we can probably put cameras in a new location within that area."

The partnership are convinced the cameras help to reduce accidents, and say since 2001, they have seen the number of vehicles speeding at camera sites reduced by 54 per cent.