FRIENDS and family of Jennifer Wilson are on tenterhooks as they wait to hear whether her bone marrow transplant has been successful.

The Lancaster mum who had the transplant last week hopes it will cure the rare form of leukaemia she was diagnosed with just before Christmas - but she will not know for weeks.

Anthony Nolan Trust recruitment officer Megan Godden told the Citizen this week: "Jennifer is still in hospital and will be for quite a while as she has to kept away from any infection. She is really positive and doing well. It is just a case of fingers crossed."

She explained: "Sometimes it can be months until we know how well the immune system is building up."

Megan added: "The transplant is fantastic for Jennifer, but every year we are only able to do so many because we haven't got enough donors and we need more people to join the donor register."

To join the ANT register, people can attend a clinic at Lancaster University chaplaincy centre on May 7 between 12noon and 3pm.