BURY boss Andy Preece wants fans to learn the lessons from Glenn Roeder's health scare.

The relegation-threatened West Ham chief was rushed to hospital this week after collapsing through a blocked blood vessel in his brain, sparking further concerns over the unbearable pressure on football managers.

With Shakers needing to win their last two Division Three fixtures to keep their promotion dream alive, Preece is having to manage plenty pressure of his own.

But he insisted no success or failure of his side could be credited to him and him alone.

"As manager, you bear the brunt and take the plaudits but really it's the team that get the results," he said.

"If we do get promoted, it will be down to the team, not me. I'm just a part of that team.

"I can understand why managers' health suffers, particularly when you are in the spotlight as much as Glenn is and take as much criticism as he does.

"There's no hiding from it. Everyone from the top to the bottom of the ladder is under pressure in football.

"You are trying to fulfill everyone's expectations, as well as your own. It's tough because you live and breathe it 24 hours a day -- even when you are sleeping."

While Preece can feel the tension building ahead of Saturday's potentially critical trip to Southend, he says he has no fears that match day pressure will ever get on top of him.

"To be fair, I'm actually calmer when the match starts. In matches like the Rochdale and Scunthorpe games, which were really high pressure situations, I'm pretty relaxed.

"But that doesn't mean I don't want to do well or want Bury FC to do well. We are so close to achieving something that many would have thought impossible at the start of the season and I'm desperate to make that happen."