I LIVE in an area where I have to pay for parking permits, not only for myself but also an additional one for an occasional visitor -- only to find that on match days at Ewood Park, I cannot park in the street I live in and pay a fee each year for the privilege.

There are no traffic wardens patrolling the area unless it is during the week, but not on midweek match nights or on Saturday afternoons, when parking is a problem for our community.

Why should we, as residents, face fines midweek when really we want patrols during midweek matches and on Saturdays. We are paying for a facility and not getting any benefit.

I call for the scrapping of parking permits in general. We are supposed to live in a democratic country, yet why is it democratic that I pay a fee to park in my street '24/7' but once a fortnight I cannot find a parking space there.

Who is benefiting? -- Rovers fans who know they can park outside our homes without retribution.

A DONNELLY, Ramsey Road, Infirmary, Blackburn.